Travel Procedures

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions:

Based on current guidance from the federal government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ESSIC/The university also follows guidance from the U.S. Department of State and the State of Maryland regarding travel during the global coronavirus pandemic:

University of Maryland Travel Guidance for COVID-19

University-Related Domestic Travel (within the United States)
Given the nationwide prevalence of the delta variant and recent CDC guidance, we are modifying the instructions on university-related domestic travel as follows:

  • Travel related to a regular commute is permitted.
  • There are no restrictions for travel in the State of Maryland or the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area.
  • For travel to all other areas of the United States:
  • University-Related International Travel (outside the United States)
    No changes are being made to international travel restrictions at this time; the CDC says that "international travel poses additional risks and even fully vaccinated travelers are at increased risk for getting and possibly spreading new COVID-19 variants."

    ESSIC University-Related International Travel (outside the United States) process

    1. At least 4 weeks before travel--(earlier is always better)--submit an EBO TAR; (please be sure to include a detailed justification for the international travel.)
    2. Once the TAR is approved by the PI/Task lead / or Sponsor it will be assigned to your account manager. The Account Manager will confirm that travel funding is available under the account and then forward your international travel request to ESSIC Associate Director (Ralph Ferraro).
    3. Ralph will submit the request on your behalf to the Dean’s office; (please do not email the Dean or provost directly).
    4. You (and your account manager) will be notified by Ralph if your international travel has been approved.
    5. Your account manager or ESSIC Travel POC will contact you to let you know when you can begin working with Travel Leaders Corporate to book your travel.

    Travel Approval:

    In-State Travel/Out-of-State Travel/Foreign Travel:

    Travel Approval Request Instructions

    All travelers must submit a travel approval request prior to any and all Virtual, Domestic and International Travel. Please submit at least 3 weeks prior to traveling domestically(or virtual conferences) and 6 weeks prior to traveling internationally - by completing a Travel Approval Request (TAR) on the EBO site.

    When completing the TAR enter ALL of the estimated travel expenses; including meals, lodging/hotel, ground transportation (taxi/shuttle/bus/metro), auto rental, parking, tolls, registration fees, and personal auto mileage.

    All federally funded travel must comply with the Federal Travel Regulation and the U.S. Fly America Act

    Travel Reimbursement:

    In-State Travel/Out-of-State Travel/Foreign Travel:

    Travel Expense Statement (TES) Instructions

    In order to be reimbursed for travel expenses, employees upon return from travel must complete and submit a Travel Expense Statement with receipts. Receipts must be provided to verify that the travel services purchased were used for the approved traveler, dates, and locations for which official travel was approved. Receipts also document the actual cost and payment of each expense.